Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I like all sorts of war films and thrillers, but I don’t like too many cruel and bloodthirsty scenes. Dramas or fantasies are not really my thing and I don’t like science fiction films either. The “Titanic” is my favourite film ever. I like the male actor who comes from American, his name is Leonardo Dicaprio. The plot is very interesting and based on a true story. Furthermore it has a very straightforward plot, so it’s easy to follow.
I don’t mind watching films at home or going to cinema. At the cinema you get s strong feeling and there is a good atmosphere, but the ticket is very expensive, I’d rather buy DVDs to watch them at home, I can watch them over and over again.

Monday, November 3, 2008

sculpture by sea

This sculpture title is 'Development by Daniel Clemmett.The materials come from car bonnet undercarriages. The type of sculpture is Assemblage.It looks like a motorcycle but large than life. Its appearance is so shocking.It is huge and bright but at the sometimes it looks like a boys toy which is rough to the touch.We can touch it but can't walk through it or climb onto it.The artist used bold colours,maybe he desired to remind humans to pay more attention to the environment and encourage us to recycle. He designed it to engage on different levels with the intent to question our contemporary action and to reflect on human development. I was just surprised about the materials which the artist used.He must be a brilliant artist.It reminds me of war.Everything was destroyed by bombs after war.
The work acquired many prizes.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

---------------------Television withih,Television without ---------------
--------------------------by Mark Wotherspoon ---------------------------

This sculpture is my favourite. I saw it on thursday 28 October with my teachers and classmates. It reminded me of my son when he was a toddler. He would ask me for something with a tilted head like this boy. Now he grew up and doesn't talk as much to me. Sometimes he even wouldn't go to places with me so the time when he was little boy was worth remembering for me.I will keep this feeling forever.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

1st day in Australia

I first came to Australia about 6 years ago. It took 14 hours from my hometown to Australia. I was a little bit airsick so I thought that I would go home immediately. My husband and my friends came to the airport to pick me up with a bunch of beautiful flower.I heard a lot about Australia before I came. I was both excited and anxious because I came to a new country I didn't know how my future is going to be?
When we were on the way home I observed the sky is so clear and took a
deep breath I felt very comfortable even changed the mood. After took a short rest we went shopping at hurstville. we met a friend who is working with my husnand We talked a lot. we had dinner at a restaurant.we ate a lot of seafood which is my favourite.

I got a good impression of Australia. such as people are friendly, the environment is clear and clean and I like the food very much which we ate. since that time I pleased to live here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi my name is sophie, I come from China. this term I joint english class .I hope that my english would improve after I finish the course.

Lantern Festival

It was lantern festival yesterday. Almost all Chinese usually celebrate it every year. we eat eggs and moon cakes., that's why peole also call it Moon Festival. They fill in different meat and different fruit inside the cake. The date cake is one of my favourites, but I think it's too sweet. We put some fruit and moon cakes on a plate on the table at night. At that time all the members of the family get together to celebrate this special time. Yesterday we just stayed home because we were busy.